Wageningen, the Netherlands

Fish4tomorrow, a small Maltese NGO, initiated the QuickFish Guide in 2014. This guide was designed to raise awareness on the status of fish stocks and help consumers make sustainable seafood choices. Together with a multicultural group of students with various specialisations, I was given the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the QuickFish Guide. We found that the QuickFish Guide was still poorly known and advised Fish4tomorrow to collaborate more closely with both fish shops and local councils to reach a broader audience. To further increase the validity and clarity of the guide, we also suggested to assess cultured fish and include these farmed fish in a separate section of the guide.

A few photographs were taken during moments of free time. Portrayed is the Mediterranean sea, the area this NGO is ultimately trying to preserve, with some of its fish and other inhabitants. For more information and a downloadable guide, see fishfortomorrow.com.