Wageningen, the Netherlands

An unpretentious website showing some photographs I have taken during leisure and study time. I take great pleasure in revealing the often unknown beauty of nature nearby. With my Bachelor Biology and Master in Marine Biology I have learned to understand, love and protect the natural ecosystems on which we all depend. A fundamental step towards a more sustainable world lies in the simple realization that we depend on nature, and not vice versa. I hope this site will contribute to this realization and, not less important, will stimulate curiosity and fascination of visitors.

The gallery’s focus is on animals in their natural habitat or on pristine habitat itself. At each photo I have tried to mention at least the location and name of the species portrayed. New photos are added on a monthly basis.

The blog is intended to give updates on projects I am involved with. These project will have a strong environmental character and with the enclosed photos I hope to show why I think this is important.

Ewout Knoester
Photo credit: Yoringel